Monday, March 3, 2008

Workshop Sample

On Saturday I am doing a workshop for the DW Group about using computer printed images on fabric. I was asked to develop a project, rather than just having people make samples.

I have done several demonstrations/lectures on the techniques before, but this is the first one where people will be using their own images to print on fabric. We will be using both transfer sheets and prepepared fabric sheets.

The logistics are a bit scary. I will have 2 laptops with printers attached, but I am not sure that I can let people loose on them without supervision. I have tried to minimise fiddle time by asking for images to be emailed to me so I can adjust them ready to print. Only a third of the group has done this. I also asked for images to be sent by snail mail so I had time to scan and modify. No-one has taken up this offer.

I really hope that lots of people don't turn up with stuff on Saturday that needs to be scanned and modified. Printing is easy (though always keep your fingers crossed). So is modifying images, but that takes a bit more time. I have some of my own images ready to go just in case.

Anyway, this is the sample I have prepared. It's a basic shopping bag, but a bit more upmarket than the generic green bags. I took the photo in Mauritius in 2005.

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