Monday, March 31, 2008

Yes, I finished it

I decided to treat today as if I were going to work in paid employment. Got up, had a shower, read some of the paper while I ate breakfast and then entered the sewing room.

Start time: 8.15 am.

I set up both of my machines to do different tasks. The Orchidea was for free motion quilting with transparent thread; the SE was to do edges with a copper metallic thread. I finished all the stitching by 2pm and I had had two breaks as well. Very proud of myself. Now to assemble it.

The next three hours were less fruitful. I eventually decided to drop my original idea of using eyelets. The ones I had bought were meant for paper and were too small to work on a sandwich of 2 layers of fabric with heavy interfacing between. I even went down to Teena's to look for others, but they were much too big.

Got out the accessory reference book and learned to make an eyelet with the machine. Yay, another technique! Better, but still too big. OK, rethink connections.

Faggoting! The Spanish hemstitch foot is a breeze to use and the results were great. So by 6pm my entry for Stitched and Bound was finished, except for a label and the photography. That will happen tomorrow so it can get into the post tomorrow evening. I do hope it is accepted.

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downunderdale said...

well done Joan - I have today to do mine - plaited yarn last night watching tv - lots to do today - Dale