Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Fan background finished

Since I last posted about this I have changed my ideas again but the overall concept is still related to "Place". The two fans I made in the workshop both have this as a unifying link. I wanted this fan to relate to an iconic part of WA - the karri forests of the South West - so I based my background on some photos we took some years ago.

The background started out as monoprints, which were not all that successful. Then I started to slap paint on it. I was planning to cover this with a layer of free motion embroidery on organza, but decided that the embroidery should be on the background. There will still be a layer of organza. Here is the piece at its present stage.

And a detail

I was able to finish the embroidery today because Dorothy is ill and couldn't make the Art Gallery. If Juliet doesn't need me tomorrow I will do the organza layer.

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