Tuesday, March 25, 2008

My part is done

and the Melville Textile Art Project is almost ready for the official unveiling on Thursday.

We had the last two panels to finish off today: we needed to trim and hem the sides, then do the tops and bottoms. Iris was with us today. We had just finished cutting the sides when we got a phone call. The guy installing the hanging mechanism had arrived at the Civic Centre , and we needed to take the finished panels down to check that everything was OK. It was a thrill to see a completed pair of panels hung, but rather boring as holes were drilled for the rest of the hangers. I kept thinking that I was wasting my time and should be sewing.

Juliet agreed and took me back to her house where I set about hemming the sides of the last panels. I had finished three edges by the time Juliet and Iris came back. The hangers were all installed, but one of them was not right, so it was going back to the workshop.

We finished the sides, then pinned the two panels together and, after measuring three times, cut the tops and bottoms. By then it was 6 pm. Juliet says she will finish the two panels completely tonight, so they can hang all of them tomorrow when the hanging guy brings the faulty hanger back. I am not needed, thank goodness, so I can finish off the fan at last!

Here is the first panel pair with the hanging guy preparing to install the second hanger.

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