Monday, May 18, 2009

The best laid plans

don't always turn eventuate. I had planned a full-on textile day.

Tomorrow is Husqvarna Club day and I wanted to make an apron - the project from last month. I also planned to get my panel organised for the meeting tomorrow afternoon of those Designing Women who are involved in its construction for the WAFTA exhibition. I was also going to check out some fabrics I have rust dyeing and remove the bits from the pomegranate pot.

I emptied the dye pot, checked the rusty bits and began a search for suitable fabric for the apron.

Then the doorbell rang. We had visitors. The worst of it was that they were actually invited - but both of us had forgotten! So the morning was basically lost, though the gathering was very pleasant. I even had some cake to offer, which is NOT the usual thing in this house.

I managed to make my apron in the afternoon and to partially organise my panel. I rang Juliet to offer her a lift to the meeting and discovered that I had the wrong date. It's next Tuesday. So the pressure is off for that.

But there are a couple of deadlines looming still. My entry for the Melville Art Award is due Friday afternoon. I need to finish a piece for the 40th Anniversary of the Embroiderer's Guild. This has to be handed in on Saturday. I have a dentist's appointment on Wednesday.

I keep telling myself I work best under pressure.

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