Monday, May 25, 2009

Flying the flag

It's been really cold today, at least as cold is counted here in Perth.

I have poor circulation in my hands (it's called T...s syndrome, can't think of the name) and my fingers go waxy white, then blue, then a rosy red. Hence flying the flag.

I was on medication for a while, but it caused me to retain fluid. Of the two problems, I prefer coping with the fingers because it usually goes away after I get moving. Bit of a problem till it does though since I have little feeling in them and no fine motor skills.

They were particularly bad today so I spent time on the computer rather than with fibre. As a result we are going to Bali for a week next month - no cold fingers there. We like Sanur, but I couldn't book the hotel we usually stay at. I even made a phone call, but they were fully booked. So we are trying another place.

Once my fingers were better I did a bit of sorting out of fabric pieces I have made and stashed away. Designing Women are having an ATC swap in July so I need to get myself organised for that before we go away, as well as for a workshop I am supposed to teach in early July, not to mention my piece for the WAFTA exhibition . . .

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