Wednesday, May 20, 2009

WAFTA May meeting

Last night's WAFTA meeting speaker was Jane Donlin. She is currently doing a PhD in the arts at ECU, looking at the position of the crafts (and textile crafts in particular) in the context of a contemporary, technologically advanced society.

She showed an impressive quantity of work that she has done over the years, giving an insight of how her skills have developed and changed. I particularly liked some reverse applique pieces and an all white piece featuring darning on gauze.

She gave a Powerpoint presentation on a paper she gave at a recent conference, titled "Why Craft Matters". The paper argues that the marginalisation of craft is institutionally constructed. I found it fascinating and relevant and would like to read the paper in full some time.

There was another visitor: Sharyn Hall from Queensland who was here to help judge QuiltWest last week and also gave some workshops to WAQA members. She showed some of her quilts. I particularly liked HER reverse applique pieces, as well as her latest work which involves stitching on fabric that has been printed by dye sublimation. An Indian influenced piece with intense machine embroidery to develop texture was also note worthy.

After supper we had a small craft activity where Jane demonstrated netting and we all had a go, using thread we had brought along. Yet another technique that I had learned in New Guinea and largely forgotten.

I have made heaps of string from fabric strips in the last month. I can feel netting in the future!

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