Monday, May 4, 2009

Reverse Applique and WAFTA Naturally

I added some more leaves to the piece of reverse applique and decided to cut the top fabric as close as possible to the stitching. I am quite happy with the final result.

Now I want to translate it into a section of the piece Designing Women has decided to contribute to the exhibition WAFTA is holding in August. I am thinking about two pieces of silk I have tucked away. One is compost dyed, the other is rust dyed.

WAFTA (West Australian Fibre and Textile Association) is an umbrella group for West Australian textile groups. I believe it was originally founded as a group interested in both natural dyeing and weaving, but it has come a long way since. The FibresWest residential forum which is held in Bunbury every three years is fabulous, but the group has decided to try and extend public awareness of its existence and activities through an exhibition.

2009 is the Year of Natural Fibres and the exhibition will reflect this. All pieces entered in the WAFTA exhibition must be at least 80% natural fibre. In addition, the committee has decided to limit colours to muted shades as obtained from plant dyes. Each piece is to be 3.5 metres by .5 metres and will be suspended from the rafters of the exhibition building.

I think WAFTA expects mostly individual pieces, but the Designing Women Group has been affiliated with them for quite a few years, and we have decided to make a group entry. There are 15 DW members interested, so we now have to decide how to proceed.

At present the idea is to make individual panels to be joined to make up the required size. We are having a meeting tomorrow to discuss how to accomplish this. Everyone has to bring their own full scale design on paper (limited to 50cm square) inspired by Piney Lakes where we meet. We also have to bring samples of fabrics and threads we could use.

I am really looking forward to tomorrow to see what everyone has come up with.

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