Saturday, May 9, 2009

Tomato Sauce

We bought a box of Roma tomatoes at the Stock Road Markets last Saturday for $5. By Tuesday 6 small bottles had been filled with sauce. This year's version seemed a bit more spicy than the last one I made a couple of years ago - same recipe though. I labelled these "May the fourth be with you". I loved the joke, even after getting it in three different emails

Wednesday I made a pot of tomato passata which I have frozen for winter use. The tomato box was now only half-full.

Thursday I made another big pot of sauce. Perhaps because the tomatoes were now a bit riper and needed less cooking to get the right colour and texture, it doesn't taste as spicy as the first. I got about 2 litres of sauce from 3 kilos of tomatoes. I don't think I will need to make tomato sauce again for another couple of years.

There were still about 30 tomatoes left after that. I was going to make more passata, but they are so juicy and flavoursome now that we have been scoffing them raw. Maybe tomorrow I will. I don't think we'll looking for tomatoes at the markets tomorrow morning.

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