Sunday, May 17, 2009

A Day to Dye

It was a lovely sunny day so I got out the necessary bits and did some sun dyeing. This was the most successful piece.

Even the reverse is pretty good.

I decided the bit of fabric that I had sitting in the tray rusting away had probably had enough, so I pulled it out and washed and dried it. I am very pleased with it.

My last effort was to attempt to dye some bits of fabric using pomegranates from the garden. I suspect it will not be very successful. The liquor looks very pale and the fabrics don't seem to have picked up much colour. The splashes of raw juice that I got on my Tshirt as I split the fruits open are quite bright though, so I may try again, this time without cooking the fruits.

And the naysayers won on Saturday, damn it. No daylight saving next summer. Bummer!

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