Sunday, June 21, 2009

500th Post

I have noticed that many bloggers make something of a fanfare when they reach such a milestone. I'm sorry that there is nothing exciting on offer - unless you want this piece of fabric that I coloured today. It is a sample for a workshop that I will be giving on July 7.

I will need to pull my finger out to finish all the samples I need to make, since we are off to Bali for a week on Tuesday. The hotel is supposed to have WiFi, so we may be able to blog.

1 comment:

aykayem said...

very pretty that - I would call it an exciting looking picture! (makes me want to go find the bottle of metho, some fabric and a handful of sharpies/etc markers and have a "party" LOL)

Congratulations on 500 posts ...

(hmmm - my main blog has about 230 posts, and I never even noticed which one was number 100 or 200 or anything ... I also have a few odd things saved as drafts ... which make counting harder ... maybe I should finish those and post them (or delete any that I never will post) then I might notice my 500th post ... or I might not ... lol)