Monday, June 15, 2009

Mission accomplished

I have finished my piece for Designing Women's contribution to the WAFTA exhibition. I will give it to Alcira tomorrow, because I won't be at the next planning meeting - I'll be in Bali.

I am very happy with it - I may even rustdye some more cotton and make another piece for myself - I still have lots of the silk left. Here is a photo of the applique side: silk stitched on cotton and cut back.

This is the other side. Reverse applique: cotton cut away to show the silk. It looks even better hanging so the light passes through it.

I also finished the foundation fabric for some more ATCs for the Designing Women swap. While they do not all have to be the same, I liked the idea of mine being instantly recognisable, so I made another fabric piece. I should be able to cut the extra eight I need; I may even be able to do a bit of fussy cutting.

And the fabric shop down the hill is closing down this Sunday - boo hoo! But I went and bought a pile of stuff including some raw silk and some devore (not silk, though) and got it all for half price. Think I may need another visit at least.

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