Friday, June 12, 2009

What a difference a line makes

I did a one and a half hour workshop today at Contemporary Quilt Group with textile artist Bev Tarling. We had to bring along a stabilised piece of fabric, bits of other fabrics to go with it, some matching and contrasting threads and our sewing machines.

We were all given a small bag of bits. Some of them had a straight piece of crochet in a virulent green, some had a crocheted circle in the same green. If you got a circle you had to stitch curved lines and shapes, basically using a serpentine stitch; if you had a straight piece your shapes had to be angular and your stitching variations of straight stitch, including zigzag.

I took along one of the sundyed pieces I made a couple of weeks ago. Naturally, because it is so organic in feeling, I got a straight stitch bag! After stitching frantically for an hour (that was our time limit) this was my result.

I HATE it, but I am also thinking of ways I might be able to salvage it. I need to lose the green crochet bit, but also the plonked on feeling of the bits I added. I do have some ideas.

Here are some other results. All much more successful than mine. And I like the curved bits better than the straight lines. However, a very useful exercise overall.

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tmhopkins said...

Isn't it funny how much our own stuff always sucks way more than anyone else's? The thought of having to even go to some sort of surprise challenge workshop gives me a stomach ache!

I really like the virulent green on your piece. I would like to add some puke pink to it, however.