Tuesday, June 9, 2009

A little progress: fiddling with the WAFTA bits

We met today to look at how the pieces are working together. While only two pieces are actually finished, there has been enough done that the whole is starting to look more cohesive.

After the last meeting it was thought that the arrangement looked too "striped", so today experiments were made in changing directions and adding bits. Here is the top bit on the floor.

We argued and fiddled lots, then pinned it all together and hung it in Alcira's stairwell. Here is a shot of it hanging.

We all liked it better that way than when it was flat, despite the fact that it wasn't straight.

We will have another meeting on Saturday after the Designing Women meeting. I posted off the entry this evening - we are committed.

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linda stokes said...

It's looking good Joan. Sorry I missed the meeting, will catch up Sat.