Friday, June 5, 2009

Art and new shoes

from the Myer sale. 50% off. I LOVE red shoes.

I went with my sister Dorothy to see the 2008 Year 12 Perspectives exhibition at the Art Gallery. We have been going to this since it started (? 5 years ago) and have always enjoyed it. This year there was almost no teenage angst, death and doom, but some really great art works, including some textiles. I really liked the "Petri dishes" - dinner plate size and shape machine embroideries inspired by bacteria observed under the microscope.

The student visual diaries are a new initiative by the gallery - fabulous to look at. The depth and scope of the work done by the students in their final year of High School art studies is most impressive. We also enjoyed the other major exhibit: Thing, which was craft objects from the gallery's collection.

We went shopping afterwards. Did I say I like my new shoes?

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Alice said...

50% off is really a big deal.!! I too love red shoes a lot. Just looking for a new pair.