Sunday, June 14, 2009

Happy Birthday, Joy and Renee

Joy and her husband John are amongst our oldest friends - even more so for Kevin than for me. He and John were in the Rover Scouts as teenagers.

Joy turned 70 today and her 8 kids (she has 5 of her own and 3 of John's brother's that she helped raise after their parents died young) organised a party. Most enjoyable, especially watching the grandkids bashing at a pinata. Isaac, the oldest GK present, did an admirable job of holding it steady for the younger ones to have a bash. Eventually, as frustration became obvious, he took over the bashing and delivered the load of sweets onto the patio floor, much to the delight of the youngsters. Well done, Isaac!

The only shadow on the day was John's absence. He is in a nursing home and is no longer able to leave it.

And Renee, who lives next door to us, turned 21 today. Happy Birthday to you, too.

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