Saturday, June 13, 2009

Silk with the guru

Judith Pinnell ( who is a very well-known artist using silk 'paper' - 2 books and a third at the printers) gave a workshop today to Designing Women. It was great. Even though I have made lots of silk 'paper' before, I still learned heaps. And surely this is the reason you do workshops with different tutors - you can still learn more.

The room was crowded with 20 people all needing work space, but we managed - just. We almost had to push people out the door at the end of the afternoon - they were so involved in the pieces they were making.

Judith also gave a presentation on her trip to Mongolia in 2007. Fascinating, and her example pieces were wonderful.

A good day, but my camera had a hissy fit. Even with new batteries it refused to work. So no photos. And I have threatened the camera that if it doesn't shape up I will buy a new one to take to Bali. That'll larn it!

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