Wednesday, June 3, 2009

ATCs Part 2

I decided to use heavyweight iron-on interfacing for the backings of the cards I have cut from the very stiff embroidered and painted piece and found it worked perfectly.

I considered a couple of alternatives for edging them. Juliet gave me some copper tape and it would have looked good, but it is only 6mm wide and is too narrow to enclose the edges. I thought about using double sided tape and a metallic ribbon: I have both. Then I decided to try a size 100 Jeans needle, copper metallic thread and a variable width zigzag. Worked great. So now I have done the edging for six. Halfway there.

I am still considering additional embellishments. Possibly foil or Shiva sticks. Then I need to decide whether to try to replicate this fabric piece as background for another eight cards (I need to make 20 in all) or just use some other fabric.

Today's fiddling also involved making another couple of pieces of silk paper. The green one is based on a section of a silk cap with some additional throwsters waste.

The purple one was made with three layers of silk tops, then the net removed and crinkles pushed into it while wet.

They are both still drying - it has been raining today and the air is very damp. Love it after the extended dry spell!

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