Monday, April 21, 2008

Books bound in fabric

When I commented on the binding for India Flint's new book the other day, I had a sense of deja vu. Surely I had written about fabric book bindings before? So I spend a LOT of time searching my past posts with no success. Then I remembered that I do write occasionally in a journal. I had intended to make THAT a regular occurrence: lots of sketches, colours, interesting ephemera . . . I have much more writing than drawing, very little colour and ephemera and irregular entries. But I found what I had written on the 6th of February and it is now quoted verbatim.

A New Trend? - Fabric Bindings for Books
* I thought "Stitch" (NZ textile artists) was incredible - bought it basically for the fabric cover :) contents are AOK
* Maggie Beer's new cookbook has embroidery as well - pity it is so expensive $125 :( NB watch for remainders on this one!
* An Encyclopaedia of Needlework (pub pre 1890) also has fabric binding (moire silk) Checked this one out on the Internet - found a copy (different publisher/?incomplete) for 150 pounds. Need to follow up

The last mentioned book was part of the chattels we acquired when we bought the Bicton house as a deceased estate in 1975. I think the Murray sisters would be quite happy that another textile fanatic is cherishing their needlework possessions.

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