Monday, April 28, 2008

Some fiddlings

In the last 5 days:

I have cast on 210 stitches for a Moebius scarf at least four times and pulled them out again. Now I am trying to work out how to do Cat Bordhi's method. She SAYS in her book that it is so easy she can do it holding the needles behind her back!! I can't even get one stitch on the needle - all thumbs.

I have unpicked and felted Helen's woollen jacket. Though the label said 100% Pure Wool, the yarn used for the front facings and neck and as a pocket backing was not - or perhaps it was a machine washable yarn. Very uneven results. I think it is going to be a large tote bag. I will use some leather from the skirt she gave me to make handles.

I have finished altering her jacket - I think successfully - and have started unpicking the devore velvet skirt. Boring job.

I have digitised a couple of cross stitch designs. Haven't stitched them yet, but they look OK on the computer screen.

I have made some stamps from erasers. Eight erasers for $2 from Crazy Clarks. I am planning a stamping session tomorrow.

And I have visited my BiL in hospital, attended a breakfast for an aunt's 80th birthday and spent a half day at the Craft Fair on Sunday. Plus I have read 3 books. Been quite busy really.

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