Thursday, April 3, 2008

Day Off

With no imminent deadlines I went to water aerobics this morning for the first time in a fortnight. I felt I had a good workout, and I have no aches and pains as yet - tomorrow will tell.

Juliet and I went to Heathcote this afternoon to see the current exhibition : Material Pleasures by 4 young artists, some of whom dabble in textiles. I felt it was somewhat of a mixed bag - there were some great pieces (all of them sold - pity) and others that were let down by their presentation. Food for thought with an exhibition for Designing Women coming up in November.

Then I went by myself to the Atwell Gallery where our exhibition will be held. There was an exhibition of paintings from the Kimberley which crowded the walls. The centre space was taken up by a few pieces from two artists. To me it seemed a bit unbalanced.

While the venue is small, I think it will be usable for us. Less on the walls and more on the floor?

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