Monday, April 14, 2008

Take a square of fabric . . .

We got up at 4.45 this morning to take SiL Shirley to the airport for a 6.30 am flight. Then I did two loads of washing and hung them out before I went to water aerobics at 9.30. You can be very productive when you get up early! I'm still really a night owl though.

My fibre fix today was the homework for the sewing club tomorrow. You had to take a square of fabric, add piping around the edge, layer it with another fabric and some wadding, then do some folding and stitching to turn it into a bag with interior pockets.

OK, first part complete, but the folding and stitching just didn't work for me. I unpicked twice, then got cunning. How about a small sample? That worked and I finally completed the bag.

Added a bead I had made for another project, then taken off when I recycled the project. Now I've recycled the bead too.

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