Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Various bits finished and started

The first textile group I ever joined met today as we do on the second and fourth Wednesday of each month. When we started (nearly 20 years ago) we were all quilters. Now we bring all sorts of things along to our fortnightly gatherings. Today there were some hexagon balls being made by Fairlie and Helen, a beautiful William Morris inspired quilt being hand quilted by Sheila, Lois knitting a sock from yarn she had spun herself, Marianne doing intricate cross stitch and me signing siggy squares for the Scquilters Retreat which happens in May. The other members were unable to attend for various reasons - mostly to do with travelling or family demands.

I finished the squares and was given a round of applause. I had constructed 80 (there are supposedly 78 swappers). I messed up one today and tried to wash out the error. The pen I was using proved to be indelible, but the stamped images disappeared. I need to heat set at least one square and test again. I don't think there will be many people who will wash the squares or the quilt they make from them, but it is always a possibility. So, apart from that, siggy squares finished.

Lois gave me a magazine with a knitted Moebius scarf featuring buttonholes. Time to revisit this technique. I bought a 120cm long circular needle last year in Portland. Tonight I have cast on 210 stitches ready for the difficult first row. I will tackle that tomorrow.

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