Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Printing digital images on fabric

I went to Husqvarna sewing club today. Took along my sample for Stitched and Bound and a photo of my fan, plus the sample bits. Most of the ladies were unimpressed - a lace design that someone else has digitised and that takes a couple of hours to stitch out is worthy of heartfelt applause - using a top of the line machine in an unconventional manner is confusing!

At least there were some people there who appreciated what was involved - I am doing a workshop on fabric printing from the computer in June and a few people signed up on the spot.

I am a bit ambivalent about digital technology and textile art but I think I will continue my efforts in this area.


Aussie Jo said...

You sound disappointed at the feedback you received. Quite often groundbreaking work is not appreciated by many until it becomes mainstream. I think experimental textile work needs to become more out there for others to see, as you have done, to make more people aware of the creative possibilities.You are brave to put your creativity on the line, go for it.

joanlil said...

Thank you Jo. I know some people at the group like what I am doing - perhaps a blank silence from the others means they are thinking?

downunderdale said...

Joan - you are doing a great job - I appreciate it! And I know the time involved in anything. We have all come a long way from stitching out embroidery patterns on discs - not sure I did that but anyway you know what I mean - Dale