Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Happy Birthday

to me! Not telling how many though.

Spent the morning finishing off everything needed for the two exhibition entries. The fan was my major concern since it needed to travel to Queensland. I packed it very securely in a large padded bag between 2 layers of cardboard and a bit of bubblewrap for the other two that were made in the workshop, then trotted off to the Post Office and sent everything away.

Bit of a problem with the Stitched and Bound entry. The postcode I took from the entry form was, according to the clerk, wrong. So I changed it, heart in mouth, to the one he suggested. I have since checked the documentation and I believe the entry form is in error. I have emailed the convenor.

Spent a bit of time at Garden City in the afternoon. Kevin told me to buy myself a present. Maybe I should have indulged in jewellery, but I bought a book. The Margarets by Sherri S Tepper. She is one of my favourite SF/Fantasy authors and really doesn't write fast enough. This is her first new book since 2004.

Then we went to look at the apartment in Cottesloe that Helen is moving into. She wants to paint the room she will sleep in and was working on wall preparation. We all sat outside as the sun slid down towards the sea, drinking a rather nice bubbly. Then Kevin and Helen patched walls while I drank more bubbly and watched the sun set. Pretty boring, actually - clouds are needed for a spectacular sunset and there were none today.

Bought takeaway curries from our favourite spot in Hilton on the way home; 2 meat and 2 veg plus complimentary buttered rice and pappadums. Lamb and beef, brinjal and dahl. YUM!

So yes, a happy birthday.

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downunderdale said...

Happy Birthday, Joan , albeit it late. Hope you had a great day.
Getting younger evry year for sure!