Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Tasks for the Handyman

We went to the Cottesloe unit today. The reason was so Kevin could drill holes for pictures, hang curtain rods etc, etc. My contribution was a packet of curtain hooks and some curtain rod hangers which didn't work. I bought these yesterday after helping Helen install one curtain that was short half a dozen hooks. (I didn't look at the curtains in the living room, otherwise I would have bought another couple of packets!)

While I was at Spotlight I went to Howard's Storage World in the same complex and got a brochure on shelving. I really want shelves along the back wall of the laundry so I can house all my bits for the embellisher, plus painting stuff. According to the brochure it doesn't seem that difficult .

Helen just orders Kevin to do jobs for her - I think I should follow her example.

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