Monday, April 7, 2008

More for the Stash

Daughter Helen is sorting through stuff in preparation for her move to a beachside unit in Cottesloe.

I have acquired some of it. Could I resist leather and suede, beaded organza tops and a handknitted pure wool jacket - with hand made Fimo buttons no less? Of course not.

But now I will have to DO SOMETHING with it all. I think I will unpick the seams of the wool jacket and felt the pieces in the washing machine. That would be an easy first step and a bag could eventuate. I think most of the leather and suede will also become bags - I am thinking of experimenting with embroidery on these pieces as well. And maybe the beaded organza would work with the embellisher?

There is a price to pay. There are 2 garments that she doesn't want to toss but doesn't really want me to add to the stash. One is a skirt with velvet devore - the top layer is OK, but the lining has shrunk. "Can't you just replace the lining?" Well, yes, but there is lots of boring unpicking to do first. . . . . . The other garment is a fine corduroy jacket that used to have LARGE shoulder pads. There is no shoulder seam - just a dart - and I think it will be fairly easy to reshape this for a more up to date look.

So glad I don't have any major deadlines at the moment!

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