Friday, September 28, 2007

Ready to Go

The case is all packed and I am pretty sure I haven't forgotten anything. Kevin got on the bathroom scales with it and it weighs 21 kilos. I should be able to get away with that. I think a lot of the weight is the stuff I need for the workshop. For clothing I have layers. I have been looking at the weather on the internet and it's been pretty chilly as well as quite wet. I am carrying my rain jacket. The plane leaves just after midnight and I get to Sydney at 6 am, with a 3 hour wait for the plane to Wellington. However I have to get from one terminal to another so that will fill in time.

We gave up the struggle to get wireless connection on the laptop. It is only 3 years old , but it is a PC and a cheap one at that. This morning Kevin went out to Willetton Senior High School where he used to teach and the technician there spent a couple of hours on it without success. So this afternoon we went and bought a MacBook. It works straight out of the box, plus it has a dual core processor so when we get back I should be able to load the embroidery software on it. Then I'll sell the old one, but I don't think we'll get much for it.

I hope I will be able to update the blog fairly often. The motel we are staying at for the first week has Internet access. Since I am not sure that it will be wireless I have also packed an ethernet cable. Probably won't need it.


downunderdale said...

Hi Joan - hope you are having a good time in the land of real green grass and boysenberries. You can use internet cafes - much easier and cheaper - that's what I do! - cheers

Erica said...

Joan, have a great trip! Looking forward to hearing about it later.