Sunday, April 4, 2010

Country Trip

We decided to make a little excursion to York yesterday. There was an Antique and Collectables Fair on as well as a photographic exhibition, and it is a lovely town and a nice drive. It was a very pleasant afternoon. I bought a couple of things at the Fair for very reasonable prices - including an set of eight old EPNS dessert spoons and forks for the huge sum of $28. Most of the exhibits in the photographic exhibition were quite ordinary, but there were some photos of textures (wall surfaces and leaves) that I liked and some Photoshopped images which I found quite interesting as I tried to work out what the artist had done. Nothing terribly technical, mostly colour inversion and some filters.

Today we are going to Helen's for lunch, so we are having quite an active social weekend. Unfortunately, no stitching and those deadlines are looming!

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