Saturday, April 24, 2010

Journal Making Workshop

Suzanne ran a fabulous workshop for Innovative Stitches today. She showed us how to make a journal from card, cartridge or drawing paper, stitch and a selection of other bits and pieces. It was full-on and lasted for five hours with a half hour for lunch. I kept up pretty well till the afternoon when my energy levels dropped considerably. However, I stayed till the end and took copious notes so I hope I will have no difficulty in actually finishing it.

Here are my covers with a button and machine made cord tie to hold the whole thing together when it is assembled . The covers are made from very textured handmade paper that I bought from an Asian import shop some years ago. Yesterday I painted it with a soft purple acrylic paint, then stamped it with a deeper metallic purple and a striped handmade stamp. The paper was so bumpy that it didn't print well, but you can see some of the stamping in the middle near the button. I then brushed the paper first with lilac metallic oil pastels, then with silver.

These are some of the bits I am yet to use. The fabric is for the spine of the journal and the stripey holographic paper is for the endpapers.

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