Saturday, April 10, 2010


I have just finished stitching a label to the back of my Stitched and Bound quilt. Tomorrow morning early I will go to Bunnings to buy some lath and some eye screws if I can't find any in my box of picture fixings which is somewhere . . ) Then I will deliver it to Margaret so it can be photographed on Monday.

I am reasonably (actually quite) happy with it. I just hope it is selected for exhibition.

It was Designing Women meeting today. We worked on finishing off UFOs. I took bits to do the Back in Black challenge, but ended up working on the reverse mola T-Shirt which Iris demonstrated last month. I decided to stitch the design by machine before cutting it back, and am very glad I did. Now I need to stitch around the design by hand. I think I might take it along when I have chemo next Wednesday.

I lasted till 2pm today before I had to pack it in. I had very bad diarrhea last night, but was much better today.

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