Saturday, April 17, 2010

Friday Flowers

The flowers I was given on Tuesday are now in full bloom and looking gorgeous. Thank you, Noelene.

Yesterday, after I had been to the hospital to have the pump removed, I went to a lunch-time reunion of women who have connections to Wongan Hills. This is the small Wheatbelt town where I (and my sister and brother were born, and where we lived till I was 12). The lady who organises it was my Standard 2 (Grade 3, these days) teacher. In the past year she has had a minor heart attack and a lump removed from a breast, so yesterday she passed the organisation on to a classmate of mine, so I think it will continue for a few years yet. It was great to catch up with old friends like Judy and with relatives like my cousin Sylvia.

I caught the train home from Perth to Cockburn. It was jam-packed. The Mandurah line is obviously a very successful addition to Perth's public transport.

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