Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Noelene came to morning tea today. We worked together at Safety Bay Senior High School twenty years ago (Yikes!) and have kept in touch.

I did the full morning tea bit - tablecloth and napkins, flowers and pretty cups, saucers and plates. I had to go and have a blood test, but when I came back I made sandwiches (no crusts, but not cucumber) and some raspberry pastries.

We had a very congenial time and Noelene brought me some lovely lilies.

The house is full of cut flowers at the moment because I have been given several bunches as late birthday presents.

This afternoon I stitched out the block for my heart quilt. I think it is a bit large, but it will be OK. I also sandwiched the peacock feather ready for thread sketching.

And it has been raining - wonderful!

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